1. down at howling lake

  3. me and jumpgalaxy are making  a cartoon (as in animation,baby) called club durian . its about “party” and this is the poster. i made that lettering and got the pic of the durian and ben took em and put one on top of the other

  5. another from monsters. this is i think maybe four years ago. i wanted to name my tumblr monsterswithboners but i was advised not to by a number of foul consorts

  6. going through the vaults- this is some stuff from my first book, monsters with boners (in an earlier poorly stapled incarnation, jabberwocky superfly)..           regret looks like the a stripped-back head of chris ware(the way he draws himself). also theres a guy underneath that going “yeah things are okay i’m part of a bear creature’s throat now so”

  7. in-progress collabo between dear, dear homie kurtmaustin and myself. we’ve got a bunch of shit we’re passing back and forth but i can’t show you too much, you know. also, real serious talk here- go look now at kurtmaustin ‘s tumblr because he just uploaded a bunch of dope shit, including his newest books, dumb luck 1 and 2. it is of my honest and very valid opinion that dumb luck 2 may be his finest work, or at least in the top 3.

  8. like a year and a half or something ago, i traveled up to vermont for this short weeklong workshop/class kind of deal going on at ccs during i think the summer and at the end we made this comic called “ann arctic”, with a preset story outline but every page drawn and written by a different person in the summer whatever. it’s cool cuz i got to draw the penultimate page. i wrote and drew all the details with the setup being: the abdominable snowman, after failing in his attempt to warm up the ice planet the story is taking place on, arrives home and is shortly apprehended by cops he had left frozen at home. notice those two nips popppin, not knowin what’s comin

  9. i’m so bad at drawing boobs, jesus.augh

  10. bad weather. my face in the last panel is wicket dffffffffugked up, don’t you agreeing

  11. red hell

  12. scratch lords do not know friendship-they trust only themselves-they know only combat

  13. going through the vaults. this is how i drew in highschool.


  15. Anonymous asked: Congrats Cooper!

    thank you! to everybody who doesn’t know: i got into cartooning school. now i feel no need to prove my talent to myself and that’s why all of the things i have just posted are utter shite